Wednesday, March 24, 2010

22 Pens

That is how many pens KNH used to sign the Health Destruction Bill. Now before any of you give me shit, I know all presidents use multiple pens to sign legislation. But 22? I remember when Bush signed things he used 3 pens one for George, one for W and one for Bush and I thought it was atrocious then.

I read a comment somewhere that claimed they are made by Cross and are $135.00 each! That's fucking $3000 for pens that will get used once! This is just another example of the entitlement mentality of the federal government employee. Why can't there be one presidential pen that stays in the Oval Office and signs everything? I will tell you why. This is why.

The White House reports that Obama will hand out the historic pens to the following witnesses:

1. Reid

2. Durbin

3. Baucus

4. Harkin

5. Dodd

6. Speaker Pelosi

7. Hoyer

8. Clyburn

9. Miller

10. Waxman

11. Levin

12. Dingell

13. Rangel

14. Vice President Biden

15. Sebelius

16. Vicki Kennedy

17. Nancy-Ann DeParle

18. Phil Schiliro

19. Sister Carol Keehan, presisdent of the Caholic Health Association

20. President Obama

21 & 22 The National Archives

What, no pen for the little victim they trotted out to watch The Asshat In Chief sign the bill?

I bet Nancy Reid is peeing its pants in glee. Oh to have a pen, what a joy.

Good thing in about three years those pens are going to be worth the same as the paper they signed.


Paul said...

Dude the KNH trick is fucking hilarious! I moved my cursor over it and was like WTF!!! BWAHAHAHAH!!!

You know where I would like to see all 22 of those fucking pens.

Hey I should give you a call. I have some ideas on how to forge the health ID card and get away with it....oh wait. probably shouldn't be talking shit like that over phone waves. We need to hook up for brews and talk then.

Jess said...

I'm hoping the pens end up in the Smithsonian in a case with all of the artifacts that were accumulated from the traitors that were imprisoned for their crimes. They would look good there. I can see smiling school child asking their teacher: "Were all of the traitors imprisoned for life?"

CharlieDelta said...

I have a 'pen' for this abortion of a POTUS (pun intended). It's located between my index and ring finger...

Harper said... sells them for $140, I am sure the government pays twice as much for them.

Claudia said...

I don't understand why he uses 22 pens to sign his name. Can someone explain? Naw...let it be! Wouldn't it be fun if someone would play a trick on him and the ink would be invisible?

John said...

Half of the bill is already written in invisible ink. This is just the first phase of a full-fledged public option to be done later--he's settling for this small piece for now...

Barry said...

Spewed beer on the monitor when I seen the KNH window pop up, genius.