Thursday, March 4, 2010

Black History Month Celebrated

My Auntie Vicki sent me this little ditty today and it made me laugh and made me get a little fired up too. Finally some people with balls! Give these guys a raise!

LOS ANGELES - Three Los Angeles elementary school teachers accused of giving children portraits of O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman and RuPaul to carry in a Black History Month parade have been removed from their classrooms, a school district spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The incident occurred Friday at Wadsworth Avenue Elementary School in South Los Angeles, where the student body is more than 90 percent Latino.

90% Latino? I'm shocked! In California? I'm just shocked! I could go off on a whole other tangent on this, but I wont. This is about black history month afterall...

District Superintendent Ramon Cortines placed the teachers - all white men who teach first, second and fourth grades - on administrative leave on Tuesday while an investigation is conducted, Pollard-Terry said.

Administrative leave? Investigation? What the fuck is there to investigate? They were honoring black people for Chrissakes! Isn't that what black history month is all about? Honoring black's for being black? Setting one race aside as being special and ignoring the others? I mean, c'mon. These were three honkey-cracker educators who were doing their duty to participate in this bullshit "celebration" known as black history month. How about a little fucking gratitude for whitey for once?

This topic really pisses me off and I'm gonna do my best to keep this short and sweet or I could write a gotdamn book on it. Yes, I know blacks were treated like shit many, many years ago. No shit! So were the asians, mexicans, etc. This country and it's gaggle of guilt-ridden white liberal faggots have turned it into a circus show. It's the fucking "let's celebrate everything but the 'evil whitey' to feel better about ourselves" attitude about this shit that pisses me off. The Irish were treated like shit many, many years ago too. Remember, "Irish Need Not Apply"? Did you liberal turds forget about that one? Yeah, they was whitey, yo! Why don't we have an Irish History Month? Maybe a German History Month? How about a White History Month?

How about every month being an American History Month? Take your fucking BHM and cram it up your ass. It's obvious that those offended by these white teachers' actions consider themselves (enter race here) before they consider themselves Americans and that is their bottom line. Fuck that! And fuck you!

Okay, I've simmered down a tad. Back to the article...

"The superintendent will not let anyone make a mockery out of Black History Month," she said.

Why not? Black History Month in itself is a mockery of the "racial equality" that these hypocritical assholes claim they strive for. They don't want equality. They want white guilt-ridden liberal pussies to glorify the mistakes Americans made in the past so they can cash in on it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Sharon Tinson, who has two daughters at the school and attended Friday's celebration, said she had been surprised to see Simpson displayed in the parade. But she noted that Simpson, like Rodman, was a great athlete before falling from grace. RuPaul simply has an alternative lifestyle, she added.

We're taling about 1st, 2nd and 4th grade kids here. Maybe the 4th grade kid heard about OJ brutally killing Nichole and Ron Goldman, but I really doubt it, and even if he did, I seriously doubt if he gives a shit either way. The 1st and 2nd grade kids don't know a fucking thing about anything. What's the big deal? Those kids are forced to be there to celebrate BHM and nothing more.

The issue was brought to district officials' attention by the Los Angeles chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People after the organization received a complaint early Monday, chapter President Leon Jenkins said.

*news flash* The NAACP is a cesspool of pimps and ho's feeding off the bottom as they always do. Out to play the "poor me" card as usual. Shit-eaters if you will. Do you think any of those 1st, 2nd or 4th graders complained? Me either...

Jenkins said he felt the teachers acted in concert to mock black heroes and children's innocence.

Mock black 'heroes' and 'children's innocence'? WTF? There were never any asian, latino, or irish hero's? Why do you put blacks on a pedestal Jenkins? Feeling a little guilty are we? Were you a hero? There are a shitload of hero's in North America of many different races. Not just blacks. Consider that for a while and get back to me you fucking douchebag! Riddle me this Blackman, how was a child's innocence "mocked"? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Please elaborate, Jenkins you fucking tool!

"These are not the people we want our young people to emulate or believe these people represent the best of the African-American community," Jenkins said. "It's hard for the NAACP to believe this was a mistake."

But they're black, and they were celebrating BHM so what's the fucking problem? The NAACP is a racist organization in of itself. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA!

Some parents at the school on Wednesday said the issue was overblown.


Jenkins said he is calling for the teachers to be fired.

Jenkins should be the one fired. You're the true racist and the true RBPP! Fuck you Jenkins! You're just another asshole causing all of the problems and tension. You are another wrench in the works and you really need to get your ass kicked in a major way!

She knows what she wants...

Some consistancy would be nice for once you fucking hypocritical liberal bed-wetters. I know you're still children, but make up your minds for once will ya?


Harper said...

While they claim that they want a society "blind" to skin color, they spend every waking moment thinking of ways to draw attention to it.

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Some crackers showing pictures of three really bad niggers to a bunch of little wetbacks. dude!!! That's fucking awesome!

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Damn, you Paul. You beat me to the punch.

What a bunch of whiney bitches this nation has become.

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