Friday, March 26, 2010

Death Care & Tax

Well, here it is. Go here. The Republicans have somehow managed to extract the timeline of "change" from the death care bill. I have concluded that Obama is the poster child of pure unadulterated evil. I don't know who is scarier; the Democrats or the people who elected these demons. But one thing is for sure; some awful days are ahead of us. I will not be assimilated. And as I told my dad the other day, "I would rather die than become a ward of the state." This is eerily similar to the cries of the last remaining middle class prior to the Roman Empire's final collapse, an event which ushered in the Dark Ages.

Somehow I get the feeling that Dark Ages II will be even darker. Have we opened the door for Satan's last hoorah on Earth?


PeggyU said...

Should be printed out and nailed to every telephone pole, posted on store bulletin boards, circulated like hell so that people can see what is in store ... especially old people!!!

PeggyU said...

Paul: Actually, better yet:

You should type this up and enhance it. Next to each bulleted item, you should put in plain English (and Spanish too, if possible!!!) the effect of the item on an individual's access to health care or to the impact on his wallet. If the regulation is aimed at an employer, describe the subsequent effect on the employees/job seekers. Then we should leave copies in waiting rooms everywhere, as well as post it on line and on community and church bulletin boards. It is past time to get ornery.