Monday, March 1, 2010


The muse is sleeping today or maybe she is just hungover. So here is a picture my uncle sent me.


PeggyU said...


Mark@Bismarck said...


Patriot Gretchen said...

Ill play:
Fuck you president. I got my tax return and I heard what you said. Believe me, I will be doing my best to stimulate the economy. I have already hit 2nd amendment sports, and Murphys Gun Shop. Yeah, you heard me you prick, Im buyin guns and ammo;might just go to Vegas if I can swing it.
suck on that you asshole.

Fukitol said...

Let Blackie O suck the Halfrican-in-Chief's dick. This fucker is one term. The Dims have this one last chance to transform this nation and they're gonna do it even losing seats this November.

Now, how do we change it back? That is the ultimate question.

Patriot Gretchen said...

now theres an image that I cant un-see in my mind.
Im gonna have to watch some conservative porn like WWII in HD to get rid of that.

Happy FOD to you , my virtual friend!

Fukitol said...

Sorry about that visual PG. Should I've written Larry Sinclair instead of Blackie O? It wouldn't surprise me with the Halfrican that's mommy was named Stanley.

And, a very Happy FOD back to you!!

kerrcarto said...

Where is Monica when you need her? Now is the time for all good bimbos to cum to the aid of their country.