Friday, March 19, 2010

Gone Fishing

Both kids are off with friends fishing, so Robert and I threw in the canoe yesterday and tried our hand. We caught absolutely jack shit but it was a beautiful day and the beers went down smooth. Plus it was nice just to get out on the water. We had decided to go ahead and load up the boat and head back over to the house and finish off the 12 pack. We threw the canoe up on top of the trooper and were strapping her down when a car full of folks pulled up and said they are a kayaking group from out of town and needed some info on good places to go. Then the dude noticed my shirt.

Dude: "Hey I like that shirt! We're all vegans are you?"

Me: Uh, no.

Dude: "oh I see" (he finished reading the shirt)

I could tell a complete change in the dudes attitude. He went from really friendly to standoffish in 10 seconds. I told them of a few nice places to kayak and told them to have a nice day. He said thanks and drove off.

We might not have caught any fish but I ruined a hippies day and that makes it all worth wild.
Damn, I love it when a plan comes together.


Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAH!!! Fuggin vegans! Too funny kerrcarto.

Harper said...

I hope you directed them to some nice Class VI rapids.

Ray said...

Only thing that would have been better would be to wear a shirt that was PETA people eating tasty animals. But if the one you wore almost was above his intelligence grade, the PETA one would probably have been completely confounding to him.

Claudia said...

It's funny, kerrcarto. I wish I had had that shirt a few years ago when my younger son turned wegan for two years. I still managed to make his life utterly miserable. Then he met a meat eating girl, and changed from wegan to nearly raw meat in 2 months!!!! I remind him of that period today in front of his children....