Monday, March 1, 2010

Gov. Debra Medina?

I know I don't live in Texas anymore but I was born and raised a Texan. So I still care very much about Texas and its politics.

Glen Beck doesn't like Debra Medina. When he concluded that there is a real possibility Medina is a 9-11 Truther he pretty much wrote her off as a freakshow. Well. Can't agree with those I am allied with 100% of the time I guess. And to kerrcarto's dismay, I don't necessarily write off the 9-11 Truthers because I have my suspicions as well. But anyway, Debra Medina supports abolishing huge chunks of the federal government, repealing all gun control laws, lowering taxes, and achieving much needed control of the Texas/Mexico border. This is my kind of woman right here.

Her competition? A couple of RINOs: Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison. Rick Perry can suck Bush's dick as far as I'm concerned. He's a fucking douchebag who has been selling out Texas to the wetbacks for years. I don't trust him, and I never have. Now Kay Bailey Hutchison is a little different. I have met her before and she is a warm individual and smart. She's a patriot. But she lost me big time when she wimped out on the comprehensive immigration (aka amnesty) debate, and she did not uphold fiscal conservative values during the Republicans' most shameful reign in Washington, DC. Rick Perry and Kay are both, unfortunately, Bush RINOs; a breed of American politician I think we can all do without. I mean look at it this way; we have Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid because of the Bush RINOs. Need anymore reasons as to why Texas should not support Rick Perry or Kay Bailey Hutchison? I didn't think so.

So I'm rooting for Debra Medina even though it really is none of my friggin' beezwax.


kerrcarto said...

I liked Medina. I watched her on both debates and agreed with 80% of what she said. But the 9/11 trufers that made such bullshit as "Loose Change" are a bunch of whackjobs. I have questions about 9/11. Like what did Sandy Burgular stuff in his underwear from the national archives. What did the Clinton administration not want the 9/11 commission to discover? Shit like that. But if you ask me if "Do you believe the government was any way involved with the bringing down of the World Trade Centers on 9/11?" the answer is an immediate NO. Not some bumbling stumbling politically correct answer. If she would have said "No, Muslim terrorists did." I would have pulled the handle.

Fukitol said...


Absolutely goddamn straight! I used to live in Dearborn, the largest moo-slime population in this nation outside of the middle east. Those stinkbeard fuckers have no use for the Kafir other than to skim every tax dollar off this nation and send it back to the motherland. What the negroes did with welfare and gummint subsidies is pale in comparison to what the dune coons are doing.

9/11 wasn't an inside job, period.