Thursday, March 11, 2010

Insert title here...

How does one title a post like this?

I've lived here in Seattle going on 12 years, and I learn something new and fucked up about this city every year. Pictured here is...yes it is...Vladimir Lenin. The 7-ton bronze statue is located in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, a...let's just say "colorful"...urban district about five miles north of downtown. I was working here this week and just about crashed my car when I saw this son of a bitch. Turns out it has quite the history.

So here's the picture I took just so you know I can't make this shit up. I don't know whether I'm really fucking mad, disappointed, or just cracking up. I guess one could see some humor in it, but since our country is so terribly crooked right now, any sane individual should probably see this as nothing more than a really sick joke gone bad.

I noticed a Dubliner Pub in the neighborhood, which was my favorite joint back in my Dallas days. So I'm gonna hit up this pub, get good and fucked up with my friends, and then I will piss on Lenin. I don't know how I'll get away with it but trust me, I'll find a way. And I'll take a picture just to prove it! BWAHAHAHAH!!!! Fuck Lenin and his little buddy Obama, too!!

Update: Aside from taking a picture of CharlieDelta passed the fuck out, this is the most retarded fucking picture I've ever taken.


kerrcarto said...

Take a big shit on his hat

And I read this at the wikipedia site "The Carpenter family continues to seek a buyer for the statue. The asking price as of 2006 is $250,000, up from a 1995 price tag of $150,000." Yea, good luck with that.

PeggyU said...

Oh ... yeah that's been there a while! Personally, I prefer the troll under the overpass. Made me start the first time I noticed it!

CharlieDelta said...

I would title it, "My New Urinal". I can't believe that shit dude. And I like kerrcarto's idea of leaving a steamer on his head.

Oh yeah... Paul, that picture you took of me passed out was not only retarded (the retard passed out), it was funny as fuck! Paybacks really are a bitch though... Heh heh

Phillip said...

Why urinate on it, when dynamite is so much more... festive?