Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Purple Freedom Eater

Remember the last time you saw a president wear a purple tie. Yea, me neither.

Who ya think that was a silent shout out to in his health care speech teleprompter read? SEIU? Naah, what am I thinking, he hates that bastard Andy Stern.


Anonymous said...

Is that the death panel standing behind him?

PeggyU said...

Then again, maybe it's his pimp tie, and America is his bitch.

Harper said...

Paul, those people behind him were just at the White House for the tour and got wrangled into standing there. Remember, this administration keeps props at hand for photo ops. They have been handing out the white coats for months.

PeggyU is right, except it isn't just the purple one. At this point they are all pimp ties, and he is whoring us about at every turn.

PeggyU said...

That little fat one on the end looks like an American version of Kim Jong Il.

kerrcarto said...

I guess I did not put it together before, but I guess it matches his lips.

CharlieDelta said...

BWEAAAAAHAHAHAHA! I thought the same thing about the little fat fucker. Dumbasses. All of them!