Friday, April 9, 2010


Barack Obama is a flaming America hating freak as proven by this article written by him and published in the Sundial in 1983. Way to go main stream media. You fucked us good.

Hit it for complete moonbatery


JeremyR said...

Dang, he is capable of stringing together more then three words with out uhh err um in there.
read it? why waste time, we know he is a flaming commie.

CharlieDelta said...

Dude, I couldn't even make it passed the first paragraph before I wanted to start punching everything in the room.

How did you come across this shit? I will be forwarding this to everyone in my address book, especially the insane assholes I know who still think KNH is peachy keen.


kerrcarto said...

In the sidebar. Audacity of Hypocrisy. Guess I should have given them credit. But we are all in this fight together. Right?