Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Craigslist Rules!

In the last two weeks, I have got rid of more crap than I could have imagined. I made some money from some shit, and given other stuff away for free. Either way, I never had to lift a finger except to take a picture and type with. I'm just glad that junk's out of here. Wheels, tires, dirt bikes, my last truck, exercise equipment and overall rat-packed crap. I posted some tires tonight and they were gone in 30 minutes. Thanks craigslist!

You have to watch out though, if you're posting free shit, because the tweekers come out of the woodwork and the emails and phone calls are off the charts with spun out motherfuckers asking stupid questions about what's already posted in the post. At least the tweekers are good for something though.... gettin' rid of my shit!


Paul said...

I'm buying a Craftsman 6.5 horsepower lawn mower tomorrow down in Aberdeen thanks to Craigslist.

CharlieDelta said...

Yeah dude, I've had a lot of luck buying shit off of people on C.L. as well. Sometimes it's hit an' miss, but I'll give my overall craigslist experience an eight out of 10.

kerrcarto said...

Upillar.com is another good one!