Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Rocked!

Well, it rocked the earth anyways. The first report said it was a 6.9, but now I'm hearing it was a 7.2. Man, that was awesome! Just awesome! That fucker lasted for over a minute, gradually getting stronger. I can't remember actually feeling one that great in the 38 years I've lived on the left coast. Yeah, I know they've happened, but I was either in bed, on the road, or it wasn't significant enough to remember. This one was pretty fuggin' cool!

We were standing around drinking beers and my brother was the first to notice it. I thought I just had a great buzz until I saw ceiling fans and pictures on the wall in the house starting to shake. Oh, and relatives and friends of relatives freaking out. That was some funny shit. If I was in a sky-scraper I would have been concerned, but we were up on this huge mountain on the coast in La Jolla, so fear never entered the equation. It was actually pretty cool. The force of Mother Nature is something to appreciate, not fear.

My brother and I just rolled with it drinking our beers and laughing at the masses in a frenzy. I mean, c'mon. How long have you folks lived in Kalifornia? Aren't you over it yet? WTF? That was pretty funny. I'm a little mad at myself because I forgot my camera this holiday. That was comedy! I want that spaz-mode documented in pictures.

What's even better, About 20 minutes earlier I was talking to some dude I had never met and told him that I was heading back to Nebraska in May for my Grandmother's 90th. We were just bullshitting about the trip and I mentioned that I wish we would be going back in Winter so I could do some ice fishing. He looked at me with a serious face and said, "Lakes still freeze over in Nebraska?" I thought he was joking and said, "Of course they do." He comes back with, "Wow, with all this global warming I would think they wouldn't freeze over." I was waiting for some sarcasm right after that, but this dude was dead-fucking-serious! LIB ALERT! LIB ALERT! LIB ALERT! Holy. Shit. At least he wasn't a relative of mine. Whew!

The best part about this was that my brother arrived after the conversation with the lib, before the ground shook, so he missed our conversation. After everything mellowed out, my brother says out loud, "Just watch... Danny Glover is gonna come out and blame this on global warming!"

I just about shot a Corona out my nose. BWAHAHAHHAA! DOH! It completely caught me off guard, and the lib was there with a look on his face of curiosity and/or disgust. Whatever the look was I really don't care, because it was fuggin' hilarious.

I never really used to like going to these organized family gatherings because of all the bullshit involved, but the older I get, the more fun I have...

Beer was good, food was excellent and the liberal dude at least made it comedic. I guess they're good for something after all...

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Easter. Tomorrow is Fuck Obama Day. Get plenty of rest!


Fukitol said...


...and that is the perfect ass.

Anonymous said...

Well, our local educational system has turned out a committed Liberal global warming alarmist who knows what causes global Warming & it is surprising........In the Erie Times News on Friday on the Opinion page a letter to the Editor was posted from a McDowell high School student "Female & probably blond" who wrote....Global Warming is when the Sun gets "Stuck " & does not come out! This causes the temperature to keep rising & we should all be concerned!
There you have it ....cause & effect for the phenomenon known as Global Warming, our socialist school system has finally produced a new Einstein.

JeremyR said...

Have a rockin and a rollin FOD!
Maybe thats the problem with Mexifornia? They have all had the smart shaken out of em.