Thursday, April 15, 2010


Why does the Earth hate the Earth so much? Damn you Iceland!! Your part of the planet is destroying the planet!! Stop the pollution!! Fucking planet haters!!

Of course I am kidding.The natural ebb and flow of this planet has occurred for billions of years. Our home has endured much worse than a few billion homosapiens combined with all the other life on this planets emissions. Case in point, I would like to know how much Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Chloride and other shit this eruption in Iceland is spewing into the atmosphere?

I would garner a guess of more than all the cars on Earth combined for my lifetime. So when the Earth doesn't come to an end in a hurricane made of fire in the next few years, will you enviromental whackjobs finally shut the fuck up?

Yeah, I thought not.


Anonymous said...

The eruption is obviously Bush's fault.

CharlieDelta said...

No matter what goes down, Al Whore is gonna blame in on AGW. I really hope he gets a case of lead poisoning in the near future. What a fuggin' quack!