Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Knuckle Ball

The boy pitched a good game tonight. 5 K's, 2 walks and 7 runs on him (90% on errors in the field, but we had a few excellent plays) in 2 innings.

Here is his Knuckle Ball

Struck the kid out with it too! Yeah, my 12 year old can throw a better pitch than the president. That makes me prouder than anything.


CharlieDelta said...

Cool dude. Fuckin' cool!

Memories of the snack bar, Big League Chew (Grape), Nacho's, and a Coke on ice before the pizza party at Round Table and Ateroids. Damn, those were some good times.

Anonymous said...

How fast is his fast ball?

kerrcarto said...

Around 45

PeggyU said...

Better pitch? That's a good starting point. He also probably has better principles and you can produce his birth certificate. ;) He's bona fide!

Claudia said...

He's a fine young lad, kerrcarto.