Thursday, April 29, 2010

Peter Schiff update

I post these videos because Peter Schiff is one of very few people who can break down our financial problems in a way that makes sense to the average folks like myself. Boring? Yes. Look at it like this; it's easy to be a liberal and hard to be a conservative. Like trashing your bedroom or your kitchen. You can fuck it up so easily and quickly just like a liberal. But to clean up it up, well, that takes some time, thought, and effort like a conservative.

It's the same with economic principles. It's easy to blame the free market, give the government the free pass, and demand even more regulation. But it's hard to actually sit down and think about the problem. It's hard to perform critical thought. This is why I have absolutely no respect for the liberal human. Liberals use emotion. Conservatives use logic. Which one works? You can find the answer all throughout history.

I closed the channels to all liberals I knew prior to Obama's inauguration. You people have no spot in my world, and I detest the ground you walk on. In fact, just this morning my daughter asked me why she had to go to school. My response, "Because if you don't then you will grow up an ignoramus and will vote for people like Obama."

Fuck all Democrats. Fuck all liberals. Got a problem with that? Feel free to email me. We can meet somewhere and discuss it in person. I'm pretty sure none of you can come even close to kicking my ass. Fucking bedwetting communist pussies.

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CharlieDelta said...

Nicely done brother! Great analogies as well. Even a retarded liberal might be able to understand it.

Well.... disregard that last sentence...