Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tea Party Activist Dresses Up As SEIU Leadership, Attacks Member Of Union

At least that is what the media would portray this as. If they covered shit like this.


Harper said...

Nah, the MSM won't cover it - there are no celebrities involved.

Britney beating a photogs car with an umbrella = primetime coverage.

Crazy SEIU puta smacks a camcorder (and quite possibly the man behind it) while arguing with health care professionals in a hospital cafeteria = *crickets*.

Paul said...

Wow that's really fucked up.

Anonymous said...

I'd slap the bitch up side the head. Simple assult is only a fine, then If I had a hammer in my hand I'd slap the purple idiot with it. Just hope they don't crash and need help and I show up. Gonna be a lot of bleeding out deaths since I wouldn't waste a dressing and bandage on any of them. Not to worry, enough people now hate the SEIU that they will screw up and end up as bunkmates in jail or in the ground with Hoffa and former criminal union leaders.

CharlieDelta said...

I've watched this a few times and each time my blood boils a little bit more.

First and foremost, why hasn't that SEIU thug been arrested for assault? She didn't like someone calling her on her bullshit so she punched the cameraman.

Ever notice how ignorant assholes without arguments tend to get violent? Their emotions get the best of 'em and they tend to let their true colors shine on through? This SEIU puppett is no exception.

This bitch is the poster-child for liberalism. Can't win an arguement? Swat the camera!

I hope one of these SEIU motherfuckers takes a swing at me one of these days. I really do!