Friday, May 21, 2010

Declaration Of War...

I know this is a re-hashed subject, but it's not re-hashed enough! Nowhere fucking near enough! To put it lightly, I am fucking sick of this shit!

Some may forgive, some may forget, but I will not. I won't close my eyes to the obvious. I will not forgive, and I will not forget. This is non forgivable nor forgetible.

I know the crosshairs have been put on the Citizens of Arizona supposedly against "mexicants", but this isn't just about illegal aliens of the Mexican persuasion. It's not just about wetbacks from Mehico. This is about illegal aliens sneaking into this country from every walk of the earth. Mostly through our Southern border. That's including those goat-fucking pedophile mooselimbs. They don't give a fuck about who they kill. You assholes on the left still don't get it! You never will. When you fall in the quicksand up to yer chin you'll still be blaming it on 'American Policies' and George Dubya Bush wont you?

What a surprise...

Fuck you muhammed! Suck a big dick!

Suck it bitch!

If you can't grasp the concept of "Freedom of Speech" I don't know what to tell you except one thing...

Fuck off and go to hell you little pedophile goat-fucker.

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