Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Douchebag Alert!

Here's a guy who told us all about his service in Vietnam...oh I'm sorry...his service during Vietnam. Hey Blumenthal you faggot. My words are not misplaced so check this out...FUCK YOU!

This fucking douchebag took four military deferments during Vietnam so he could go to Harvard. After Harvard he ends up in the Nixon White House. He has been in public service ever since. No real job ever. This walking douchebag has never earned a paycheck from anyone other than the tormented taxpayer. Just another liar in the Democrat Party. Look at this pussy! Rush Limbaugh was making fun of him this morning, and it was funny!

Have you all noticed how the most hated mother fuckers in government are all a bunch of yankee fucks with ivy league degrees? Have you noticed that none of them have ever held a real job? What have these yankee mother fuckers given us? Oh that's right silly me...$13 trillion in debt. We are ever so grateful.


Anonymous said...

Apparently douchebag faggot assholes attract one another. Per Blumenthal had a poser behind him at his press conference.

kerrcarto said...

Dude, lying about your military service is a resume enhancement if you reside in the Communist party.

PeggyU said...

Looks like he spent a lot of time in a tanning salon. I hate metrofreakingsexuals.