Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Puto... F.M.D!

Fuck Mexico Day!

Take yer racist Mexican pride and cram it up yer ass! How 'bout Cinco de Sookah mah Deek? Fuckin' free loaders! You beat the french? BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Who hasn't?

Fuck Mexico Day, and Fuck. You!

You are the true racists. You are the true hypocrites. You are the ones that desecrate the country you invade. You are the ones bringing this country to it's knees because a democrap needs a vote! Fuck you!

I was born and raised in south San Diego, Chula Juana to be exact. I have lived here my entire life, and I've seen my old neighborhoods turn to shit. I have dealt with your racist Mexican bullshit for far too long. I'm fucking sick and tired of it! You can call me a racist until the sun comes up. That's okay with me. It has nothing to do with race, and has everything to do with border security (or the lack thereof...)

Your mexican "pride" is hyprocricy at its finest! Fuck. YOU!

Right on Arizona! Right. Fucking. On!

Fuck YOU mexicant's! You are the real racists...


Fukitol said...

And... Fuck Robert Sarver and his "Los Suns" bullshit on Stinko de Myhole. Fuck Steve Nash too. Go back to Canada. Oh, and, take that mole riddled socialist bitch countrymen Jennifer Granholm with you too.

kerrcarto said...

Fukitol, I hope the Spurs kick the shit out of the suns for the next 4 games. What a bunch of fucking politically correct pussies.

Anonymous said...

"Los Suns"!!! I read this story but are you guys fucking serious? They're really gonna wear that?! Holy fucking shit man. Go Spurs!!

CD, under normal circumstances I would probably say give Mexico a break because I love partying down there. But, seriously, you've got a point now brother. Fuck these fucking bean burners man.

Chris said...

I used to be a Suns fan. Fuck the Suns. Fuck Raul Grijalva for siding with Mexican nationals, rather than citizens of this country. Fuck mayor Walkup and the city for filing a lawsuit to nullify SB1070.

It's our fucking country.

Oh, and fuck the open borders fucktards.

Ok, I'm done, for now.

I need a drink.

Harper said...

Hate to burst your bubble, but the Spurs wanted in on that crap:

"...San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who said they would play as "Los Spurs" but couldn't get custom road jerseys made by tonight's Cinco de Mayo tip."

Anonymous said...

So they wanna play cowboys and indians huh? OK by me, lets count how many indians are left????

Anonymous said...

Here comes Harper to throw water on the fire. No soup for you!

kerrcarto said...

Damnit Harper! I had heard that on the radio this afternoon about the Spurs. In that case, fuck 'em both. As a matter of fact. After spending the last couple of months playing basketball and softball with my 9 & 10 year old girls teams, fuck all professional sports. This level is so much more fun.

Harper said...

Sorry, I hate the NBA. I live in Mark Cuban land, that's my excuse. Not to mention that the correct translation is "Los Soles". I have no respect for anyone who tries to make a political statement without the knowledge to back it up.

Paul - it's 92 degrees here, no soup is a good thing.

Patriot Gretchen said...

I missed another new guy on the FOD banner. Welcome New Guy

Fukitol said...

Thanks for the welcoming, Patriot Gretchen.

CharlieDelta said...

That's Fukitol. One cool MF!

John said...

The latest outrage was that 5 students were sent home because they dared to wear clothing with the American flag on it on cinco day--the mexicans were offended. But it was ok for them to wear their colors even though this is US, not Mexico! But they're not racist--yeah, right! The principal who sent them home was Hispanic/Mexican, so I'm sure he wasn't biased at all.

JeremyR said...

If Stinko de Miracle whip is about national pride, I want to know what country has that pride. Seems it aint celebrated in Messyco, only here in the US of A.
If that is indeed the case, should't they show some pride in the country to which they fled rather then the one they fled from?
If they are so proud of the sphincter of Texas, send em back.
Break it all down, and they did not come here to escape, they are an invasion!