Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pro vs. GI Joe

I'm not a rich man, but I make a point to donate $100 quarterly to organizations that I feel are worthy of a donation. Soldier's Angels, The Warrior Foundation, Adopt A Soldier, GOA, NRA, GOC (Gun Owners of California), GOC (no, Denny wouldn't let me donate to his PayPal for taking up his bandwidth with my drivel early on, or now) Stop The ACLU, Judicial Watch, etc.

This quarter my hundo is going to The USO.

Pro vs. GI Joe is a non-profit organization that sets up real-time video game competitions between professional athletes and celebrities and troops serving all over the world via online gaming. In addition to playing games online, we also invite local troops to attend in-person and when possible, we get the friends and families of the troops participating overseas in on the action. Not only do the troops get to compete against their favorite celebrities and athletes but they also get to chat and talk trash via live webcam feed with them and their family members in attendance.

I like the non-profit part but, it wouldn't matter me either way. The tax-deductible part doesn't mean shit to me either. This is a great program to give our warriors a little taste of home and that's huge! Thank you USO for what you are doing!

A little taste of home...

Thank you for what you do!

Thank. YOU!

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