Thursday, May 27, 2010

Punishment fit the Crime?

So some seniors here in Ingram spray painted "Seniors 2010" on the school pavilion, toilet papered the place and glued deer corn to the floor of the pavilion. Guess what the punishment for doing this is. If you said scrubbing spray paint off the pavilion and cleaning the rest of the campus up, you are wrong. If you said state jail felony, you got it right.

What the fuck is wrong with our country? A state jail felony for a senior prank?! If I am the superintendent of IISD I am making the announcement today that if you come forward and take responsibility for your actions,clean up the mess you made and spend the last day of school in detention the school will not press charges. If you don't, the police will find out who did it, then you will clean up the mess, then you will go to jail.

Jebus, if they only knew half the shit I did in high school, I would still be buried under the jail.
Thank God for the statute of limitations.


CharlieDelta said...

A fucking felony? WTF? No wonder kids are as fucked up as they are today; they don't even get to be kids anymore. If they knew the shit that I pulled in high school I would've been given the needle or the chair!

Harper said...

I think the principal of my HS went to his grave looking for piglet #2, when one of the classes let two pigs loose in the school - one had #1 painted on his back and the other had #3.