Friday, May 28, 2010

Back in Action!

She's not the most elegant, but I test drove her this morning and this boat is smokin' fast! 5.7L V8 with Mercruiser stern drive and stainless steel speed prop. Cuddy cabin with sleeper, shitter, alcohol stove, and sink. Beer cooler built into the floor (very important) and Alpine stereo. For an 11-year old boat, hardly a scratch. The engine only has 360 hours. I'll take delivery next week just in time for a maiden voyage next weekend! It's been five years since I've been on the water because my bitch ex-wife took my Sea Ray in the divorce. But that's OK, I took the kids and have now replaced the boat. BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!! IT IS ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!

We test drove her on the Sound this morning and it was a blast! I don't think I like the speed prop so I'll probably buy a lower pitched prop that cuts down on the top end speed but gets out of the hole faster. The speed prop will be nice to have around for those days when we are in the need for speed.


kerrcarto said...

A boat. A giant floating hole you throw money into.

Claudia said...

You have all my respect and admiration, Paul. And the kids, and you, got the best deal: each other. And as you say, 5 years later, you got a boat. The ex might see the kids, now and again. But who do you think is the winner in that story? The full time parent.

In my own story, he got the car, I got the kids. I never said a word. But now that they're adults, the boys know who loved them the most. And it shows in the wonderful way they treat their old mom.

It will come back to you, Paul. All you're doing for them.

All the best, always. To you and the children. And happy boating!

kerrcarto said...

Sorry dude, didn't mean to be a bummer. Congrats buddy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Claudia! You are so damn sweet! Thank you for the kind words.

Kerrcarto, it's all good buddy. I've been throwing money into the boat hole almost all of my life. I'm OK with that because boating has always been my hobby. I go into it realizing that I will never realize a positive return on my money but the good times I've had out on the water are far more valuable. That's kinda how I look at it.

Fukitol said...

Boy, she's pretty, Paul. Looks like a 230SX if I'm not mistaken? Either way, good job man and enjoy every second of it.

BTW kerrcarto, BOAT actually stands for Bust Out Another Thousand. As the old saying goes... This Saturday, I just dumped $9200 on a new Evinrude 90 for my pontoon. The 4 year old 50 that was on it eat its own rings in two of the three jugs. Never own a four stroke outboard. They suck moose cock!

Denny said...

And if you're pulling skiers a speed prop is worthless. My last boat came with a speed prop and I immediately dumped it for a power prop. (18 pitch down to a 14 pitch) Lost 5 mph on the top end, but could pull three slalom skiers out of the water. Too bad I'm a cripple and can't water ski anymore.

labcat said...

awesome! hey just be careful with the kids if you've got a tube. had to take daughter to the ER this weekend for a hyper-extended back.