Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Country Do I live In?

When I read this seditious fucking bullshit at work this morning I wanted to start punching holes in the walls. I had to leave the office and chain-smoke about five grats before I calmed down and could get back to business. Ive been home for three hours and couldn't even sit down and write because I'm still fired up about it! Fuck! What the FUCK is happening to my country? Seriously. What the FUCK?

When I was in school, we said The Pledge every morning, we were taught the greatness of The United States, The National Anthem was played before every football game and we never had any pressure from some dumbass teacher telling us how good or how bad the POTUS was. We were there to learn basic shit that dumbass kids need to learn to succeed in life. Nothing more, nothing less. We were taught History without the liberal bias. Without any bias at all.

California Students Sent Home for Wearing U.S. Flags on Cinco de Mayo

If you have plenty of drywall mud and some time to repair all the holes in your walls read this. Otherwise, after you repair the holes in your walls, sit down, have a drink and thank the good Lord above that you were born when you were born and you raised your children well.

I have a tip fer you Piss Matthews... Don't ever make eye-contact with me unless you wanna throw blows you fuckin'propogandized pussy! I would love to split yer lip and knock your teeth down your throat. Howz about a box-set you fuggin pussy?


Harper said...

Trying to think of a way to get Matthews and CD in the same room, so I can watch CD kick his ass. I might actually watch MSNBC if Matthews was on with a black eye, his thin hair crusted with blood and mud, drool running down his chin from his broken teeth and split lip, crying 'cause the the tingle in his leg went away when he pissed himself.

Oh yeah, and that PC run amok crap in Mexifornia is unacceptable. Why isn't the ACLU jumping up to defend the 1st Amendment rights of the little American children?

Fukitol said...

The ACLU? BWAAHAHAHAHAHA! The Atheist Communist Lawyers Union? Fuck them.

And, fuck the beaner sympathizers (Nick Boden, Kim Lemos and Miguel Rodrigues) too.

CD I'm with you bro. KNH and his parasitic followers are gonna bring all this America hating shit to a head. It wont be pretty.