Monday, June 28, 2010

FOD: Presents

The daughter got me a plate with the presidents on it to hang on the Wall of America for fathers day. Unfourtunetly it had Earflaps McSpendypants picture on it along with the rest of them.

Well, I took care of that.
Teddy, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, BJ and Ears (and as Denny pointed out Johnson(I have to do my homework on Kennedy)) got big black X's over their pictures. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH HA. Fuck all of you. I imagine as I read more American history I will have to black out more of them.

Oh and I almost forgot, bye bye Byrdey.


Paul said...

Yeah cya Byrdey. There's one less piece of filth wasting our oxygen.

Denny said...

You should X out JFK and LBJ. It was Kennedy's backstabbing at the Bay of Pigs that led to the Cuban missile crisis and we have Johnson to thank for the Great Fucking Society.

kerrcarto said...

How could I forget about Johnson? I only live an hour from the town named after him. Done.