Monday, June 14, 2010


So Eaffflaps McSpenddypants is wanting another $50,000,000,000 in bailouts for teachers and firefighters and who knows what else. Hey Dickhead, WE ARE BROKE!!! QUIT SPENDING MONEY!! Jebus Crisco, you mother fuckers are going to destroy this country....what was that..that is your plan it is called the Cloward and Piven plan. Take an emergency and use it to collapse the capitalist system and replace it with socialism. Well I have to say your doing a pretty damn good job so far. You have billions lying around in the TARP fund and according to most 60% of the "stimulus" is still unspent. But what's another 50 billion? Our debt is going to reach 100% of our GDP in less than 5 years. We have more than $99 trillion in unfunded liabilities that still have to be paid out and we are spending money like a teenager with mommy and daddies credit card. That is no bueno. Can anyone say Greece?

These marxist fuckwits in Washington and the rest of AMERICA should be drug off and shot. I will end this rant now, before I type something that will have a black suit knocking on my door.

Fuck you, you commie fucks.


Anonymous said...

On the subject of destroying this country, I firmly believe the Magic Negro is ecstatic with this Gulf oil leak. The worse it gets, the easier it will be for him to shut down all U.S. oil production making us 100% dependent on his Muslim brothers.

PeggyU said...

This needs to be sent to the fucking White House!

Harper said...

This is OT, but your reference to 'Jebus Crisco' made me laugh. Back in high school, I went to Sunday School with a Spanish speaking friend. I sat there listening to them, having no idea what they were saying, but was sure that they were talking about cooking, because I kept hearing them say "Crisco". I gave my friend a hard time, afterward, asking when they actually studied the Bible since they talked about cooking during Sunday School. A true blonde moment, as what I had been hearing was 'Cristo', not Crisco.