Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Speech: A Left Wing One-Sided Coin...

The First Amendment as defined by our Founding Fathers in our Bill of Rights:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The First Amendment as defined by the "progressive" left wing assholes trying to run/ruin this country into the ground:

It's only free speech if you agree with us. Otherwise the First Amendment doesn't mean shit...

My brother sends me a lot of great articles and I should really post more of them. This was one that I couldn't pass up posting.

Missouri man's incendiary sign on U.S. 71 draws fire

David Jungerman farms 6,800 acres of river bottom land in western Missouri.

He’s not the kind of guy who posts on Twitter or has a Facebook profile.

So when the 72-year-old Raytown man wanted to speak out politically, he used what he had handy: a 45-foot-long, semi-truck box trailer.

Are you a Producer or Parasite?
Democrats - Party of the Parasites

As far as I know, that's protected under The First Amendment. Am I wrong? You liberal cocksuckers out there have been falling under the blanket of 'free speech' for all these years. Even when you were calling for the assaniation of George Dubya Bush. Where are all you assholes now that a hard working American exercises his freedom of speech? What? I can't hear you. All I hear are crickets, you fucking hypocritical tools!

He planted the trailer with its professionally painted message in his Bates County cornfield along heavily traveled U.S. 71 about an hour south of Kansas City. He wanted lots of people to see it.

They did. Including at least one with a good case of outrage, matches and a can of gas.

On May 12, Jungerman’s trailer was torched. The Rich Hill volunteer fire department responded. A week later, it was set afire again. The firefighters put it out again.

Then flames erupted in an empty farm house that Jungerman owns

What a surprise. The left doesn't like The First Amendment afterall...

Local Democrats don’t want to be linked to the arsons. Jungerman has every right to speak his mind, said Kay Caskey, a Bates County Democrat and wife of longtime state Sen. Harold Caskey.

“This man has a right to do what he did, but around here some people might wonder at what point do you cross the line?”

Well, I'll tell you what you stupid cunt Kay Caskey! What line did this man cross by your standards? He exercised his First Amendment Right? That's crossing the line to you fuckin turds? You liberals/progressives/socialist/marxist assholes are the only ones without tolerance for Free Speech. I hate to piss on your parade, but you are the only ones that use our Bill of Rights to try and bring down this country and then hide behind it when it doesn't suit yer bullshit purpose. Fucking hypocrites. The lot of you! We are on to you turds and the cat box is gonna get dumped in November. Save a cat. Neuter a liberal!

I guess you libturds are only for free speech when you're burning effigies of George Dubya Bush and calling for his assassination huh? It only applies when you turn to violence and sedition against your opposition. When you opposition barely comes close to your bullshit tactics all of a sudden you don't like that Amendment anymore huh? Fuck you!

Right on David Jungerman of Raytown. If I'm ever in your area, I'm gonna pop in, shake your hand, give you some business and buy you a beer or three. God Bless you Sir!


Solaris said...

Looks like some folks can't handle the truth. Bastards.

kerrcarto said...

Fuck 'em I would be sitting out in my cornfield with a 12ga. Those mother fuckers would only burn it once.

Solaris said...

"Neuter a liberal!"
Wait, I thought that was how they got to be liberals in the first place.

@ kerrcarto: The man's got 6800 acres and a shovel. I betcha they'll never find the bodies.

JeremyR said...

Hey guys, the Supreme injustices of the court ruled that burning a flag is protected speach, so burning his trailer is also protected speach. Lefty logic, gotta love it.