Thursday, June 24, 2010

General Betray Us

Y'all remember this shit?

Remember how the left lambasted this man? Remember the Move On.Org's full page ad in the NY Times (which they got half price for and have now scrubbed from their website and google has scrubbed it from the entire internet)? Remember Thunder Thighs "willing suspension of disbelief"?

Well I do. You fucktards do not fool anyone. Anything to keep power. Well, FUCK YOU ALL.


PeggyU said...

God, what an arrogant sack of shit.

When does Petraeus get to speak? I admire that guy's restraint. I'd have puked.

CharlieDelta said...

That was the first thing I thought of yesterday when I heard about the switcheroo. FUCK YOU ALL indeeed!

Anonymous said...

Dat Majik Negro sho du luv 2 here hisself talk.

Fucking hypocrite.

I obviously don't know what notes the General was writing down, but I like to think it something along the lines of, "milk, bread, eggs, cheese, chips, cereal, ..."

TomR said...

I wish Gen. Petraeus would say no to this new assignment. It may be that he is doing the Duty, Honor, Country thing. He may be also thinking of the troops and does not want to leave them in the hands of obama. Gen Petraeus has more class than the entire Executive branch.

kerrcarto said...

TomR, I felt the same way. I thought if I was the General, I would have told him to kiss my ass and declined the position. But General Petraeus is a man of honor and he doesn't want to leave his men in a lurch. I am afraid that is what they will be left in by this marxist puppet. If we are not going to kill bad guys and break their shit, with the FULL force of our military.

Then get us the fuck out.