Friday, June 11, 2010

None At All

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For a country with no homosexuals in it, men sure do kiss each other alot.

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CharlieDelta said...

That entire country is filled with pole-smokin', goat-fuckin', Iraq-supportin', "sanction"-laughin', rape-approvin', fags-a-hangin', U.N. cock-suckin', anti-Americanism and a fucking rap sheet as big as the debacle in the Gulf o' Mehico. Just like TOTUS!

Aramalamadingdong needs to die. Now. Yesterday. NOW!

Fuck iran and fuck those who support that pedophile Mooooohammed! You assholes should be obsolete by now.

Aramalamadingdong is fucking lucky my finger isn't on the button or that shithole of a fucked up CUNTry would already be a glass parking lot of major proportions...