Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Simple Question, Simple Majority Answer

Currently, 96% of voters support Arizona's S.B.1070. 4% are pacifist assholes, or La Raza looking to "reclaim" their "stolen" land, even though Mehico was paid good money for it after we kicked their asses! Read the bill motherfuckes! Read your fucking history!

You can vote here.

The question is worded wrong though.

If it was anyone without their heads crammed up their asses, they would of called it what it really is:

Illegal Invasion!

They're lucky I'm not in charge, or we'd have trained military snipers on the southern border taking these motherfuckers out one by one. This is war! Once these cocksucking cartels started bringing their kidnappings and violent bullshit onto our soil, I would've declared war on that third world shithole. And I'm talking fucking decades ago! This means war!

Vote here.

If you love this country, our liberties and freedoms, please support the re-building block of this country known as The State of Arizona here.


Fukitol said...

King Niggerhonkey is a one term asshole that saved Jimmah Carter from being worst ever in history.

Here's yet another WTF, KNH moment:

John said...

Remember the Alamo! That's when the Mexicans massacred unarmed civilians WHOM THEY HAD INVITED IN...I don't think the AZ law goes far enough!

CharlieDelta said...

AMEN John! They definitely don't take it far enough, but I'm happy with them stepping up to the plate and telling the Fed to pound sand.

They are the model of what every state in the Union should be doing while telling the Feds to go fuck themselves.

It's not perfect, but it's a start! Let's hope and pray more and more hop on board in the near future.

The Fed couldn't care less about this issue. I'm ecstatic that States are finally going around the bullshit bureaucracy and taking the bull by the horns for once.