Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Told You

AR, NY Lawmakers Consider Banning Texting, Wearing Earphones, While Walking

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Lawmakers in at least two states are looking to pull the plug on texting pedestrians and iPod-obsessed runners, claiming their diverted attention borders on disaster.

I knew it as soon as I saw this over at PapaCrips place.
Surprise surprise, it is Demorats proprosing all this bullshit.


Harper said...

There is no personal responsibility left among the Democrat-minded. If this measure fails, they will begin to pressure manufacturers to develop devices that won't work when the user is in motion.

Fukitol said...

Well, I'll go along with the no personal responsibility part of the equation in our society anymore, but, go ahead, get in your car and hit one of the ignorant motherfuckers walking around in their self-absorbed world of texting and iPod oblivion.

Then tell me that a whole world of ambulance chasers won't magically appear trying to extricate your wallet through your asshole?

If you have any assets, I'd tell yah that you're full of shit. So would your defense attorney. Especially if you had any alcohol in you or maybe a snuffed out joint in the ashtray at the time of the accident.

CharlieDelta said...

Un-fucking-believable! How far are these assholes going to take their rules and their laws? If this shit passes and becomes law, there's no turning back. It's hopeless for this country. We are truly fucked!

Democrats need to go back to school and get an ed-u-ma-ka-shun on The Constitution. They also need to grasp the concept of liberty. Maybe they need to look up the definition of liberty while they're at it.

I fucking HATE democrats!

kerrcarto said...

So why don't we dump all lawyers
To the bottom of the sea
Before some fool come around here
Wanna sue either you or me

Solaris said...

Oh, hey. They already did that on the military bases I've been to. Banning earphones is laughably stupid, and one of the few regs that we circumvent with any regularity.
Except for the cell phone thing. I don't know why, but people who talk on cell phones seem completely incapable of paying attention. Texting is even worse.