Friday, January 14, 2011

The Perma-grin Meal

Holy fuck this is hilarious!!

Reminds me of an old gottagetdrunkfirst post I did last year. MWAHAHAHAH!!! And, yes, my food review did get yanked after numerous complaints, and the only record of it is here at GGDF. Heh heh!

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Fukitol said...

For chrissake, Paul. That NH3 burger will last forever. You do know that that thing is a processed meat sludge of lips, hoofs, assholes and ammonia, don't you?

Read beginning at The Fast-food Hamburger:

It's no shit. From all over the world they're using random cows and cow parts to make a meat sludge and blast the living shit out of it with what American's use to clean their goddamn windows and kitchen floors. Frightening what people willingly eat and start their kids out on, and then they wonder why there's behavioral and health problems.

Fucking amazing.