Monday, January 10, 2011

Roseanne Couldn't Be More Wrong

Wrong bitch! Ted will explain it to you if your dumbass would listen for once. Cunt.

Thanks to my brother for sending me good stuff like this.


Fukitol said...

Feh. Rosie's just another aged, weathered, socialist hag, like Fonda, who tries to show anyone foolish enough to listen that somehow they're still relevant.

Matter of fact, after the horrible thing that happened this weekend, I fully expect to see more pieces of shit like Rosie on the Left loudly carrying the Marxist water. When that nutty fucking fringe LibTarded campus aged youth element detonates 'cause this nation is flat-assed broke-dick busted; Rosie and her ilk wants to assure that their wrinkly old multimillionaire asses is one of them.

Bear said...

These fucking Hollywood socialites are all the same. If these fucks want to help out the welfare scum, why aren't they emptyin' out their own bank accounts? These twatsmust get their rocks off spending other people's money.

I'll keep my support with someone who spends time with a bow in his hand, hangin' out with real people.