Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin: Ground 0 for labor unions

Labor union membership across America has been in decline for decades. There was a period of time when they were needed. Those days are over. Its only growth has been tied to the public sector but not enough to make up for the overall loss in membership ranks across this country.

The unsustainable and unaffordable compensation and benefits packages negotiated for public employees (along with welfare/entitlements programs) are some of the blame for the crippling economic situations many of our states find themselves in today. These collective bargaining agreements also carry some of the blame for the crippling property and sales taxes and fees forced upon the populace. We here in the private sector have to work extra hard so these lazy fucking public workers can live just a little bit better than the rest of us. Fuck you. Politically, we have not had enough firepower to fight them but the times are a changing. There can be no discounting the historical significance of the November 2010 elections.

First up is Wisconsin. Wisconsin is about to bitch slap the rat bastard communist unions plaguing that state. And it's going to happen today. No better place for it to happen. Welcome to Ground 0.

Protesters clogged the hallways of the Wisconsin state Capitol on Thursday as the Senate prepared to pass a momentous bill that would strip government workers, including school teachers, of nearly all collective bargaining rights. The bill marks a dramatic shift for Wisconsin, which passed a comprehensive collective bargaining law in 1959 and was the birthplace of the national union representing all non-federal public employees.

So I guess we can thank Wisconsin for this national epidemic of public employee unions. If the bill passes, we can forgive Wisconsin for its gross misdeed.

Thousands of protesters, including children and teachers from more than two dozen schools forced to close due to high absences, were expected in and outside the Capitol for a third day of protests. Schools in Madison, the state's second largest district with 2,600-union covered employees, closed for a second day. "Our goal is not to close schools, but to instead to remain vigilant in our efforts to be heard," said Wisconsin Education Association Council President Mary Bell.

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! WTF? Your goal is to not shut schools? You can achieve that goal by simply showing up for work ya greedy bitch! As a parent, this is the kind of shit that boils my fucking blood. I remember when the WEA (Washington Education Association) went on strike up here in my neck of the woods a couple of years ago and shut down entire school districts for a week. It did not sit well with the general public.

Wisconsin has long been a bastion for workers' rights. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees was founded in 1936 in Madison. But when voters elected Walker, an outspoken conservative, along with GOP majorities in both legislative chambers, it set the stage for a dramatic reversal of Wisconsin's labor history.

And you have the full support of the majority of Americans.

Look, I have no problem with compensating public employees with fair wages. We need well-paid teachers, police, and fire. The problem I have is bloated bureaucracy, ridiculous compensation packages that now overshadow most private sector jobs, and massive welfare/entitlements programs that do nothing more than suck the life out of our people (topic for another day). States like Wisconsin and New Jersey are simply asking for some concessions from the labor unions. And we all know how the labor unions have responded. Unions care about union dues. They don't care about the well-being of its membership and certainly don't care about the "customers" they serve. If they did, then they would have ceded to reasonable requests from the public years to ago to reign in their ridiculous and unaffordable benefits packages, particularly pensions and medical. And the Wisconsin teachers would be at work today.

So it's time for a bitch slap. Next up: a National Right-to-Work Law. That's real reform right there.


kerrcarto said...

Fire them all! Acting like a bunch of spoiled little brats. Oh wait, they are spoiled little brats. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the unions, I'm ready for some blood-shed.

CharlieDelta said...

Nicely done Paul! And yeah, like kerrcarto said, fire them all! Fuck 'em. There are plenty of people out there to fill the shoes of these whiny over-compensated bitches. Pleny of people out there who just want to fucking work. I'm sick and tired of the private sector having to tighten the buckle and constantly sacrifice only to pay more and more for these useless fucking bastards that keep taking more of our hard earned money. For what? Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em all!

Now, I am never one to advocate violence to solve problems in our political arena. We're supposed to be living in a Constitutional Republic and we should act that way.
Having said that, I say it's time for we in the private sector stand up and put an end this fucking insanity. It's time for us to stand up and fucking rumble in the streets with these whiny little unionized bitches. I'm talking an all-out fucking brawl, crackin' heads, blood in the streets, and a river of union brain-matter flowing down the gutters into the sewer where they belong. Just sayin'...

kerrcarto said...

CD, if we did what you say in your second paragraph, the top (under this regime) will come down on us like a hammer. We have to be strategic in our political battles at this point. We are not to the point of violent revolution, that is what the progressives want. Unrest so they can "fix" the problem they created. The world is the zombie eating itself at this point. Strategic, pointed, truth and the end to PC bullshit, calling a spade a spade will do the job for now.

CharlieDelta said...

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
-Thomas Jefferson

No time like the present...

kerrcarto said...

Like I said, now is not the time. 50-60% of this country needs to be educated on the true history of this great republic. Too long have we been lied to. The light of truth is the enemy of lies.

CharlieDelta said...

That's why I was just sayin'...

Read the first two sentences of my second paragraph again...

kerrcarto said...


Ya' know what the average teachers salary with benefits is in Wisconsin?


Fukitol said...

Yannow, I find it kinda ironic that everyone in this nation sits around saying the top will come down on us like a hammer while watching the fucking Moo-slimes, merely trowing stones mind you, are busy toppling every strategic nation in the goddamn desert with an oil well or hates Israel. The conflict with the indoctrinated socialist, which includes Islam (see Ali Shariati) is nearing sooner than any attempted peaceful education of any true story or history of our Republic can be made. The noisy few that plays by no rules will only push back harder given time.

We as a nation have been dicking around and assuaging these Leftist bastards since the days of our soldiers returning from service in Vietnam and were spat upon by them. We as a nation then sat around with our thumbs up our asses and allowed Lefty hippie commie fucks not only get away with that without them getting their asses beat, then we elect a president that welcomed back the draft dodgers that hid in Canada. Talk about rubbing salt into an already opened wound? Fuck me to tears.

It's the same shit now just more of them and now better funded, organized and deployed. Don't think so? Bill Ayers. The Weather Underground is responsible for the curriculum educating your children, oh which by the way, they, your children, are protesting along side them in Wisconsin. The collectivism agenda is beyond any so-called need of "well-paid" public service. That is bullshit. Firemen? Fuck 'em. They all used to be volunteer. Where I live they still are and everything is still protected from loss. Police? Fuck 'em. They've all evolved into a revenue collection arm of broke municipalities just looking for chicken-shit violations of ordinance and manufactured nuisance laws. Teachers? Fuck 'em. Unless they are in private institutions where they can be shit-canned if they don't perform. Most of the public educators are groomed Marxist that have never produced anything amounting to shit in society other than creating more little socialist thinkers that embrace a nation without borders conceptual global citizen that King NiggerHonkey promoted in his Germany speech back in '08.

At the bare minimum in this point in time, TEA Partiers should be out in force flooding their commie collectivist protesting asses off the field. Drowning them out and squelching their bused in Looting Marxist fucking voices from even being heard. Those fuckers protesting in Wisconsin, I believe, is an attempt to overthrow Wisconsin's resulted election that drew a Republican Majority. It's a trial run for the only union membership that has increased over the past decade, the public sector, in a bigger picture, the Federal election coming in 2012.

Pray that I am wrong.

pjack11 said...

"At the bare minimum in this point in time, TEA Partiers should be out in force flooding their commie collectivist protesting asses off the field."

Fukitol, we can't because we work, remember?

Fukitol said...

"Fukitol, we can't because we work, remember?"

We can't? Bullshit. Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one.

It all comes down to where ones priorities are laid. Nobody works around the clock and there sure as hell are those that work that'll not think twice about blowing off a day to go to opening day, time off for the Super Bowl, a trip to Daytona for the 500. Hung over from bowling the night before? Yep, just phone in the random sick day. I've been there, done that and prolly part of the reason things are as fucked up as they are now. I was complacent.

Now we've got Marxist public sector union fucks dragging our children along with them to protest being asked to contribute 5.8% to their pensions (a 4.8% increase up from 1%), paid an averaged $78,000.00 for 180 days of work and contribute 6% to their public healthcare premiums, which is half the national average?

Okay, go ahead and use the work crutch. 'Cause work you will work, and it'll be in paying increased sources of revenue collection for those bused in AstroTurf collective bargaining, radically overcompensated public union fucks.

Just saying...