Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't be fooled.

As a Washington State resident, I assure you this state is every bit as fucked up as you can imagine. Here in King County, we pay 9.50% sales tax and 10.0% sales tax for restaurant services. Our gas tax is in the highest 5th of the nation. Our L&I regulations are hostile. We are not a right-to-work state. We have obscene restrictions placed on land use regulations. I can go on and on and on. Thankfully, the voters once again rejected a state income tax measure placed on the last ballot. Democrats have controlled this state for years and we have some of the finest barking moonbats in power that money can buy. And as predictable as Seattle rain, when the economy crashed, Olympia kept on spending. Now we're fucked with a massive deficit and an unemployment rate hovering around 10% (probably higher) while state employment is stronger than ever. Must be nice ya fuckin' do-nothing freeloading tyrants (that comment is directed at the bureaucracy).

So don't be fooled by this article, but at least it does mention how deceiving these supposed union "concessions" really are. Speaking of which, below is an excellent comment I copied.

from TheHarl -
Once again. The real issue is how did government employees ever get to be represented by a union. Washington State is a perfect example of how the people who will benefit the most elect the very person they will negotiate with. The union members vote for a candidate that will be in charge of overseeing the final agreement of their contracts. This is absolute corruption at it's highest level.

There is no competition for government jobs and benefits. If the teachers don't get what they want they go on strike. There is no option to hire other people to teach the students. This is pure madness. The citizens have no choices, so the unions have all of the power. And they always win and the expense of the taxpayers. If we couldn't agree on wages and benefits, states should be free to hire other teachers to do the job at a competitive wage.

The unions take massive amounts of the union dues and use it to elect people that support their causes. Once again. Corruption.

The number of public workers is on the rise. As soon as the number of people working for the government surpasses 50% there is no way you will ever get a person in leadership that isn't bought and paid for by the unions and their employees. This has to stop now.

It is time to work to remove all government employees from being represented by unions. Before we reach critical mass and there is no hope of having open and fair elections.

I am all if favor of paying teachers a fair wage and benefits. But all of their costs must be paid for during the time of the contract. We cannot afford to have unfunded benefits that will have to be paid for by some other set of circumstances. Social Security is a perfect example of what happens when you spend the money of employees contributions and have to count on younger workers to pay for retiring employees. That money should be in a bank account of some type ready to be paid back to the workers when they retire. Insanity has prevailed their and is again with unions representing public employees. It's time to get serious about getting rid of unions for government employees.

I love Washington and that is why I live here, but the politics and asshattery test my threshold of pain. Fuck all, and I mean FUCK ALL DEMOCRATS!


kerrcarto said...

Fuck the unions. Fuck them in the ass and to hell.

PeggyU said...

I feel your pain! And to top it off, Bellingham has the worst gas prices in the state.