Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FOD (late)

Let's see:

It's an apocalypse in Japan, and there is a very real threat of a major nuclear meltdown that could have widespread consequences. 2,000 bodies just washed up on their shores.

The economy is melting down along with Japan's nuclear reactors. Since no one else is saying it I will, "Hyperinflation is here!" Sorry but when gasoline is touching $4 a gallon and I'm paying close to $8 for six tomatoes on the vine at fucking Safeway guess what? That's inflation!

The Middle East is a massive blood fight in the sand box.

And the federal government continues to pass continuing budget resolutions because it is unwilling or unable to establish a formal budget. And we are now approaching the debt ceiling yet again along with deficits as far as the eye can see. Fire up those printing presses!

But that's OK. Obama is taping his NCAA brackets today!! And while Japan drowns in radiation and scoops up dead bodies from the beaches, he plays a nice round of golf on Sundays. The leader is in da house!! Fuck this son of a bitch.


kerrcarto said...

I think all the fuckhead does is play golf. He hasn't lead in a single situation that has occurred during his presidency. Makes you wonder who...cough George Soros cough...is really calling the shots.

Mark@Bismarck said...

I think the problem is that NO ONE is calling the shots. This ship don't make a move until it runs head first into something! These guys couldn't lead the way out of a hallway! We have a leader with NO experience leading!

John said...

...and don't leave out Congress! scheduled to go on vacation next week--when they still haven't finished passing the budget--from LAST YEAR! Never get away with that in the private sector! Those bums would be staying until they finished or they'd be fired! Desperately need to clean house next election cycle!

PeggyU said...

Sigh! DC could use a good tsunami.

Mark@Bismarck said...

Yeah, DC is a toliet that's needed flushing for a long time.