Saturday, March 19, 2011

Greedy Bastids

When it comes to sports, nothing turns me off more than millionaires (the players) squabbling with billionaires (the owners). Because in the end, we the fans are the only people who really get fucked. Don't believe me? How much did those tickets cost? How much did it cost to buy some hotdogs for the kids and a couple of draft beers for yourself? How much for that new jersey? Yeah. That's what I thought. And even though you personally voted down the tax levy for the new stadium, you were outnumbered by the sheeple. So you get to pay for that, too. Hell, up here in Seattle, the Seahawks had the gall to come after us a second time because they blew their budget we voted on the first time. Thankfully, Seattle drew the line in the sand and the organization had to find the final funds elsewhere. Professional sporting events used to be a family-friendly affair. Now it's just a corporate orgy fest for the privileged few. Fuck 'em.

I was born and raised in Dallas, TX and my favorite sports team of all time is the Dallas Cowboys by birthright. But I have to tell you, I think I might be finished. I've talked to a few people who have attended some Cowboys games at their new stadium and I guess the whole experience is one big corporate pick-pocket. In my opinion, Cowboys Stadium is so huge and so expensive that it stands as the trophy of greed that has become professional sports. And as long as the people show their patronage, the greed will perpetuate with no end in sight. It's no longer about maximizing customer satisfaction and earning an honest and reasonable profit while keeping government at arm's length. Rather, it's about fucking the customers and raping the market for as much as it can possibly tolerate while feeding and snuggling up close to Big Government in exchange for favors that warp the free market to the corporations' advantages. But I digress...

I don't have to support professional sports any longer and I won't. The recent decision by the players union to decertify and sue the NFL for antitrust violations really just rubs me the wrong way. This whole case personifies why I hate unions so fucking much and why I'm about to toss professional sports away altogether. One of the big sticking points appears to be the union's demand to see the owners' financial statements. Excuse me??!! That's like me walking into my boss' office and declaring, "Open your books, pal, and I'll tell you how much my next paycheck will be." Pathetic. And then we hear that Adrian Peterson, the $10.7 million per year star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, declares that the NFL is "modern-day slavery." Hey fuckface!!! I'll be a slave for $10.7 million per year. You bet! And really that comment just shows that this douchenozzle doesn't know anything about history. For if he did, he would understand how utterly ridiculous that statement is. That's almost as bad as the Nazi comparisons people toss around freely here in America when the political heat gets just a little too hot.

And that's all this is really about. It's about money and it will be resolved one way or another. There are other issues like the proposed 18-game season and some health care concerns but I've been told that the owners were accommodating in those areas. So it's just about money. And you can bet your hard-earned money that ticket prices will go up again and so will concessions costs and especially merchandise. But as long as people just keep sucking it up, the vicious cycle will continue ad infinitum.

I stopped a while back. The baseball strike pushed me halfway out of the seat, and the steroids pushed me all the way out for good. The NBA strike from...oh what maybe 10 years ago?...sent me a packing. And then there was this little incident.

Unbelievable. And only in Detroit.

So now we have an NFL strike. The lawsuits have been filed and we learn that Von Miller, Texas A&M middle linebacker who will be drafted next month, is listed as a plaintiff in the class-action lawsuit against the NFL (Brady vs. NFL) and will represent the upcoming 2011 draft class. That's precious. Here we have a bunch of draftees suing their future employers alongside current players who make more in one year than most Americans will earn in 10 to 20 years. These are people with really good paying jobs going on strike. Well, I have two words for the NFLPA, the AFL-CIO, the SEIU, all public teacher unions and all the rest of the labor unions representing private and especially public employees, "FUCK YOU!!" And thank you professional sports for shitting on your fans yet again. One day a few too many like me won't be coming back and then you'll notice.


kerrcarto said...

Fuck all the greedy fucks in this world. cough..unions.. cough. I am gotdamned sick and tired of hearing that you don't make enough. My wife and I combined pulled down 50k this year. You don't hear me bitchin. Ya' know why? I live within my means. Assholes.

BG said...

Football is the only sport I follow and I am thinking about ditching it now. Mind you, I only watch it on TV. I don't give a dime for seats, concessions, or merchandise.
I wish the fans would boycott for a season in the stands and on TV. Then the owners and players would finally see who they really play for.

Goldenrod said...

I've felt this way for years. I've turned a deaf ear to sports long ago and vowed not to knowingly support the rich bastards. With one major exception, I like Budweiser but even that can be changed.
The fans actually carry much more weight than they realize in controlling costs and to see them boycott the games would be hilarious.

Dean said...

Amen Brother! I loved the comparasion of having your boss open his books to see what you think you should get paid. Priceless. I think if all the fans looked at it this way and revenues dramtically dropped, the owners and the players may have to take a second look at how they are conducting business and shafting Joe Bagadonuts who is really paying the salaries. As the Goldenrod said "The fans actually carry much more weight than they realize...."

Greg said...

Know it's a little late, but I been outta commission.
I'm a life-long, true-blue(black&silver), dyed-in-the-wool Chicago White Sox fan, and my family is amazed at how much my interest dropped off (and never fully recovered) after the baseball strike. Especially when that asshole Barry Bonds stated "we're doing this for your children, too".
Anyway, this was a hell of a post. All your points are good ones. Keep it up.