Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He Must Be Exhausted

After all the hard work of picking his Final 4 teams King Hope-a-dope must be running on empty. He needs to take a weekend in Rio and relax. Such a great leader we have. Thank goddess he is behind the wheel.

As Jay Carney said today when asked if the Peeresident was going to postpone his trip to Rio "This is a crisis in Japan not in The United States"

I bed to differ Jay, there is a crisis in the United States, and your boss is the head of it.


Paul said...

Carney said that??!! What a fuckstick!

CharlieDelta said...

Just another example of the pure ignorance and disconnect from the real world by the magic negro and his minions. It's like I've been on a bad acid trip for the last two years with the Dingle-Berry In Chief fucking things up like liberals do so well. God please make this nightmare go away.

Harper said...

Blowie should consult other branches of the government before he continues to insult, and allows his ass kissers to insult, Japan. Guess who is second only to China in holding our foreign debt? Number one, they might need some of that back for their own recovery and number two; they are likely to show the same amount of compassion to our government when those debts are called due, as our government is showing them during the worst natural disaster their country has ever seen.