Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Want One

Pop a top buddies!


CharlieDelta said...

Did you notice in their "Demo" video that they used it on a Bud bottle? Yeah, you guessed it. Bud bottles are twist-off's.

Save your money kerrcarto. This might make a good novelty gift for a frat boy or rookie drinker, but a seasoned veteran uses what ever is available at the time. My favorite being a lighter. Since I always have my lighter and smokes with me, I always have a bottle opener with me. Opening up a beer with a lighter is just cool. Dare I say Fonze cool?

Save your money kerrcarto. You know that piece of shit is going to break right after it's third beer has been opened.

I think you should invest your money in something much more important, and with a far better reward for your sacrifice... like more beer!

Anonymous said...

Yup, CD nails it.

kerrcarto said...

Well, fuck y'all then! I'll use my teeth!

Harper said...

It only holds 30 bottle caps. That would last how long around your house?

Don't use your teeth kerrcarto, I chipped my tooth on a beer bottle that way. Pick one of these.

Fukitol said...

Yep, CD pegged that one. Besides, when the boat hits the water next month, bottles aren't worth a shit anyway.