Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This Willie Nelson story really has my ass rubbed raw. If it was anyone else we would have received probation, a fine and had to attend drug awareness classes at the least. He gets to sing Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain? The drug laws in this country are obsolete. How much money have we spent on the war on drugs? Check the sidebar, down by the debt clock. That is just this year. In total I would guess it is close to as much as we have spent on the "War on Poverty"  and that started in '64. The war on drugs is only 40 years old. Both of those programs are colossal failures. Trillions of dollars thrown down the toilet with nothing to show for it. Yet we fund them every year. No wonder we are broke.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with Willie getting a light sentence. But if I ever get popped for possession of some wacky tabacky. By God, I got a buddy that plays guitar, and I'll sure as hell sing Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain to the judge. Shit, I'll sing Chicago to him if that is his favorite band. The Hudspeth County DA has set a legal precedence here in Texas and I will be the first one to use it. If that is ever necessary. 

UPDATE: The judge says it was just a joke that got out of hand. Yea, got out of hand in the media and almost got your ass in a world of shit. Wanna bet they are democrats?


CharlieDelta said...

I saw something about that today and was wondering if the judge travels I-420 himself. I think I read something like Willie had 6oz. or something like that? And he was bringing it in from Mehico on top of that? Wouldn't this be considered "international drug smuggling" if it was you or me?

Hell, even in Mexifornia 6oz. will get you some time, if not some hefty fines, "community service", 3years probation and the rest of the BS that goes along with it.

I'm blown away that it hasn't been legalized nation wide, categorized with alcohol and regulated. I can almost say with 100% certainty that I know more people that smoke it than I do that dont. And that doesn't even include the 'closet smokers' that would never admit it to anyone.

Can you think of anyone that has ended up in the gutter, because they smoked a few joints every now and then? Do you know anyone that robbed or burgularized to get their next sack of sticky green? Me either...

Harper said...

Nelson was traveling from California to Austin, he got popped at the Sierra Blanca checkpoint on I-10, outside of El Paso. The judge is now claiming that the offer of a song was suggested by the prosecutor and it was a joke that got out of hand.

In Texas, this is a 'mail in your payment' sort of citation, which seems to speak volumes about how most Texans feel about it being illegal.

Bear said...

I've never smoked it, prolly never will. Just never had the urge, and besides, the smoke would probably do wonders for my asthma.

That said, I think legalization with regulation and tax would be one of the best things that ever happened in this country. You said it best... instead of spending all this goddamned money on tryin' to lock people up for smokin' stuff that has less ill effects than alcohol and coffee, why not make money on it?

I have a lot of friends and family that smoke it, and having observed them, common sense would say alcohol is more of a problem than pot. Have you ever seen some dude get high and then pick fights with the scrawny dude at the bar? Nope. Ever seen someone binge-smoke and kill themselves with pot poisoning? Nope. Ever seen two stoned chicks makin' out with each other for an audience? Yup.

See? All the benefits without any of negative side-effects.

Anonymous said...

"Ever seen two stoned chicks makin' out with each other for an audience? Yup."

The best reason yet for legalizing it!