Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Take a Guess

What party is proposing what bill?

Bill to ban candles and air fresheners in public places.

And a 'loser pays' system.  It would require that when a lawsuit is declared to be 'frivolous,' the person who filed the lawsuit will be responsible for paying the defendant's legal fees.

This should be pretty easy.


Goldenrod said...

There should be at least one exception for the ban on air fresheners. The District of Corruption is ripe with foul air and fresheners should be required.

Anonymous said...

"District of Corruption" I like that!

CharlieDelta said...

It's fucking amazing how liberals seem to have endless time to waste on stupid shit like candles and air fresheners when this country, and the world around us is headed straight down the crapper. Let's all just waste a bunch of fucking time and money on worrying about 'offending' someone who doesn't like the smell of a fucking candle or air freshener. WTF! GMAFB! How about the stench illegally coming north from Mehico? They bring the smell of dung with them wherever they go, and as far as I know, NO ONE likes the smell of shit.

"Loser Pays" should've been implemented 20+ years ago. Dirtbag trial lawyers like John fucking Edwards have been making their 'livings' by suing over the most ridiculous bullshit for far too long. I would like to take it one step further. Add on some jail time for the asshole looking for a free ride by filing the frivolous lawsuit, added only AFTER he/she has paid for the defendent's legal fees. Let's nip this shit in the bud once and for all.