Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dear Liberals,


CharlieDelta said...

If that was on a shirt or a bumper sticker I would buy it in a heartbeat. "Hey Liberals"... I would buy a bunch and hand them out to my friends that actually get it.

It's short and sweet and to the point. Sure, we could sit around all day for a month straight and not really convey to the modern libturd just how fucked up they are. That could take a few years. The point is that the libturd will never really comprehend just how fucked up they really are, no matter the lesson plan. If you try to explain it to 'em, they always have that "deer in the headlights" look on their faces while mumbling, "yeah, uh-huh, huh?".

The dual 1-finger salute says it all without having to utter a word. Plus, it shows you have the motivation and made the effort to raise both salutes, because they mean that much to you!

Hey liberals...

Goldenrod said...

Exactly right.....Fuck the Fucking Fuckers.

kerrcarto said...

I would have to change Liberals to Progressives. Since that is what the cooncracker regime and their supporters really are. The progressives just attach themselves to a cause they see to "progress" their agenda and exploit them to the fullest and leave them destroyed in their wake. That is why we have to route the one world government fuckers out of our government.

When is the last time you heard the cooncracker or any of his lackeys refer to themselves as liberals? They are full blown progressives and now admitting it.