Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fuggin' Ouch!

My buddy went riding last weekend with a friend and his 17yr. old son. The kid took what seemed like a normal spill, until his helmut was removed. Holy shit! I've crashed plenty of times, and crashed hard a few, but nothing like this. Holy shit!

25 stitches later he's got a scar, a story to tell and video proof of it all. His dad is a Fire Chief, and I love how he calmly just says, "Technically, we should leave it in..." LMAO!


Paul said...

Dude that's hardcore.

kerrcarto said...

Holy shit!!

Bear said...

Damn son!

I enjoy my time on the dual sport, but I do worry about shit like this.

He is remarkably calm for having something stuck off in his face though.

Fukitol said...

Holy shit! How lucky not to be totally fucked up or worse from that. Amazing.

Dig this one too.

Lady Fortuna smiles kindly...

CharlieDelta said...

Holy shit Fukitol! That's crazy shit. I have to wonder though, why was the camera rolling in the first place?

Fukitol said...

CD, she is one of those nanny state dipshits that was gonna tattle on the two drivers of the trucks.!5789082/the-scariest-car-crash-ever-caught-on-video-was-real

Fuck her and her Kia minivan driving ass. I really can't stand gotchya fuckers like her. If she had a legitimate bitch with the drivers then deal with them one on one and not like some sniping little cunt.

That's someones livelihood she was going to fuck with over her minor traffic inconvenience.

"I always say I'll send it to the companies they work for, let them know how they are representing the company, but I never do. Can't help it - I'm in marketing so I always think about things like that"

A bullshit artist as a career? Now there's a real valued profession. The hype driven cunt had some instant karma as far as I'm concerned.