Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 420

Someone, somewhere is engaging in 420 at any given moment. Someone, somewhere is fucking, too. But, alas, it's April 20th, the real Earth Day.


CharlieDelta said...

Ah yes... Earth Day. A day for smelly college kids to go to the park and play their hackey sack, sing Kumbeya, play the bongos and preach their bullshit to anyone within ear shot. I've always wanted to punch one of them right as he's walking up to me, but before he has a chance to say a word. BAM! Lights out you hippy fuck!

What so hypocritical about these tree hugging shit bags is, if you have ever noticed, when they spend their day marching and trying to get their rhetoric noticed on some street corner, look at the ground around them when they're gone. The entire area is littered with plastic water bottles and other random trash. Yeah, plastic. Ya know that shit? That evil substance that is made with that other evil subatance, oil.

About 4-5 yrs ago Denny posted something about Earth Day. I don't remember what he said he was going to do, but it inspired me to make it a tradition from that day forward. When I get home from work tonight, all of my aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic and glass is going in the regular trash can until next pick up. The little brown nukes left by the cats in their litter box is going in the recycyle can until next pick up.

"Fuck the earth. Make it your bitch."
- That old dude in the "Fuck The Earth" youtube clip.

kerrcarto said...

I waked and baked this morning in celebration of..well shit never mind. I do that everyday.

CharlieDelta said...

Was I just high yesterday, or did the Monster Magnet clip in this post morph into a Hendrix clip? I know that was good shit yesterday, but this is trippin' me out...