Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I went to a fight last night and a breakfast combo broke out

Crackering going down in Atlanta? Or just good old-fashioned police brutality? Well, I'm gonna have to think about this one for a while. The story indicates that an off-duty officer who may know the woman is involved. So this may have been something personal. Who the fuck knows? The cops look inefficient and the punch I think is fuckin' lame. That's one tough babe, though, and it looks like she may have a nice rack, too.

We'll have to follow this story. Maybe the Grouchy Old Cripple can enlighten us on this one since Atlanta is his hood. One thing is for sure; our society is crumbling. How many restaurant fight videos have we been laughing at this last month? 4 now? Fuck. Not good.

BTW, the two dudes filming this sound like a couple of douchebags. I wouldn't be too quick to rush judgment on cops. Several cops are present so there is obviously some legitimate concern over something involving this woman. Again, the cops look inefficient and we don't know the whole story. But considering that this babe is white, nothing will probably come of this.


CharlieDelta said...

Damn, for a second there I thought she was going to get a hand up on the cop. Too bad.

I am one of those who rush judgement on cops in general. They are trained extensively for a gaggle of situations, so when they fuck up, I will be the first to point it out. I have been noticing more and more that law enforcement officers are some of the biggest violators of the law (Violation of the 4th Amendment is one that I've noticed the most.)

I was raised to respect police officers and to the day when I have a brush with the law, I'm always respectful. However, the more I see them abusing their power and pissing all over our Bill of Rights, the more I want to plant my fist firmly in their throats.

kerrcarto said...

Love the title dude. Like you, this one I can't say for sure. She should NOT have hit the cop. And he had every right to protect himself. But, on the other hand, if your a dude and you can't subdue an unruly 100 (tops) pound chick. Without a sucker punch to the jaw. You have no place defending a kindergarten class much less the general public.

He should have used his baton more. It would have made for a better video. And I hear drunk chicks dig it.

PeggyU said...

Can't really tell who is doing what to whom on this. She took it like a man, though!