Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cooncracka Toast

The more exposed this fucking clown is, the more he looks like the incompetent jackass that we have always known him to be.

Nice toast, Way to talk over their National Anthem you fucking dolt. But I should probably give you a pass, you probably thought they were playing My Country Tis' Of The. Didn't ya' Dunderhead?

This prick could fuck up a one car funeral. WHY AMERICA!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!!!


Goldenrod said...

Yeah, he's never the smartest one in the room, even when he's alone.

More offensive is how the MSM will coddle the muslim loving gonad scratcher.

Claude said...

Kerrcarto - Exactly what I thought. That bumbling fool doesn't even realise that England National Anthem is being played...Watch the Queen! She is wondering if she should tell him to shut up.."or I'll have your head on a platter!"

Anonymous said...

Why, because we LOVE to screw you in the ass with out the Vaseline, along with, "I will not have to pay my mortgage, pay for gas for my car and other things I WILL DEMAND from America any time I demand them from any place I demand them".
That is why.
Rail, rope, tar, feather and FIRE, and MOSTLY FIRE. assembly DEMANDED by the people storming the castle.