Sunday, May 8, 2011

First OBL Sea Burial Photo Leaked

The only good mooselimb is a dead mooselimb, but an even better mooselimb is a dead mooselimb wrapped in bacon on his way to hell! BWAHAHAHAHA!


Bear said...

Hell no!

You don't wrap bacon around dog shit do ya?

Unless it's veggie bacon. That would be alright.

River Rat said...

Happy F.O.D.

kerrcarto said...

BLT. Bacon, Leaduce & Terrorist

JeremyR said...

On a side note, Madonna and her arab boy toy have split. I guess when he found out they had reconditioned her cunt by sticking in a ten pound ham and then pulling out the bone he was none too happy.
The upside of it is that he will never become a terrorist because he don't want another "virgin"

PeggyU said...

kerrcarto - Bwahahaha

But I think maybe bacon, LEAD, and terrorist?