Monday, May 2, 2011

FO(sama)D: Finally

It is too bad that Caliph Comrade Cooncracker is the one that gets to will take the credit. Even though it is the continuation of the Bush policies that led to this outcome. But, at least the son of a bitch has assumed room temperature and is now fish food. Congratulations Joint Special Operations Command. Whoever you are.

This ones for you Osama.

And Fuck You Obama. Your self aggrandizing speech last night was sickening. Me - 3, I - 10, Mine - 5 and My - 3. Not one mention of the guys who really put this operation together. Asshole.


CenTexTim said...

Yeah, like he had anything to do with it. The only way I would give osama-oops-I-mean-obama any credit would be if he pulled osama's head out of a bag and whacked it with a shoe.

Of course, he had to go and spoil things by burying the carcass at sea 'in accordance with islamic custom.' I'd sure liked to have seen the hole in that asshole's head.

Someone else said that now we're going to see the rise of 'deathers' - people who don't believe obl is dead because there is no body.

kerrcarto said...

You know there is video, still photos, tissue samples and more. I want to see it ALL. Not because I do not believe that the SEAL got his ass. I will take great satisfaction in seeing that fuckers head explode.

BG said...

They should have brought his scrawny carcass over here for a tour of the USA. Charge a buck so everyone could spit on him, whack him with a shoe, slap him with some bacon or whatever. Once the Tour had generated a few million. Ship him to Mecca and when all the maggots gather - BLAMMO - Nuclear Airburst to eradicate the roaches.
Yes, I'm bitter, it's Monday.

kerrcarto said...

If it is true that we gave him a proper Muslim burial at sea. I will throw the fuck up. He should have just been chunked overboard with the trash.

Fukitol said...

Yah, I'm glad the moo-slime is dead. But, even Dubyah gave up chasing after one moo-slime when in reality the problem with these fifth century fucks is a much bigger picture.

Now, if I was to read that we dropped thermo-nukes on Mecca, Medina and Tehran during Hajj... I'd prolly be all giddy out dancing in the streets like all the college students on TV that now supposedly are in love with our military.

Osama, Usama, however the fuck its spelled, his death is literally a drop in the ocean of islamic aggression.

Fukitol said...

kerrcarto, don't believe everything you read when this administration is involved.

I suspect that nothing would please Resident Obogey's organ grinder's more than a chance terror attack for 2012.

Just saying...

CharlieDelta said...

It's too bad they didn't just wrap his body in bacon and let a pack of wild dogs feast on his carcass down to the bone.

Either that or just chuck his carcass into a pen full of hungry swine to devour his evil ass.

This "proper islamic burial" or whatever the fuck they're calling it is total bullshit. If anyone deserved lack of respect and an insult on his way to hell, it's OBL.WTF!

JeremyR said...

Guys, just a side note, but why do you always refer to him as halfrican and coon cracker? He is only 1/16th black, half white and 7/16 Arab. Yes, he is comrade camelfuckincrackercoon.
Happy FOD.
PS take a trip to the ocean and piss on OBL's grave.

Goldenrod said...

I hope he gets devoured by a pig-shark. No, I don't know what a pig-shark is, I just hope there's one out there somewhere.