Monday, May 23, 2011

FOD: Stuck

So Caliph Cooncracker's Limo 1 got high centered on a speedbump in Ireland. What the fuck is he doing in Ireland? you ask. Why, he is over there trying to find his Irish roots(which in itself is hilarious, photoshop to come) how many relatives does this cocksucker have? Anyway they got stuck and had to take an alternate limo.

Michelle must have been sitting in the very back this trip.
Maybe they need a trailer to drag that big bitch around on.

BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ghetto bootied wookie.


Anonymous said...

You will notice that he brings them up from "IgnoreThem" once in awhile when he needs them!!!!!!

SandraV said...

The Obamas were not in that car.... That is the car that carries their self-righteous egos around. No wonder it got hung up!

JeremyR said...

Yes he's Irish, after all, with a name like O'Bama, he can't be Swiss.

JeremyR said...

Shouldn't have pimped his ride. The low riders are so not presidential, but then O'Bama aint really presidential either.

PeggyU said...

Put him next to the Blarney Stone, and you prolly couldn't tell the difference, excepting he has those ears.

Goldenrod said...

I believe the douche bag was over-filled.

Anonymous said...

Why Ireland? Our economy isn't tanking fast enough, so he wanted to see how Ireland was doing it more effectively...

Goldenrod said...

There’s a manboy in the White House that thinks he’s a king.

He’s dumber than shit ‘bout most everything.

He’ll mandate a law that fucks up the nation,

Then he heads to the course or goes on vacation.

The giant gorilla that he calls his wife,

Is the biggest banana peeler I’ve seen in my life.

The unions are rewarded with tax-payer money,

a benefit from the land of milk and honey.

While the common man suffers from day-to-day,

The tribe of Obamas find somewhere to play.

With sweet talk he enticed all to get on board,

The world would soon be in accord.

But, with him at the helm causing such stink,

The country of freedom is sure to sink.

He wants to fuck us with obamacare,

Just like he screwed Larry Sinclair.

His teleprompter is full of lies and deceit,

….If only his father had just beat his meat.

kerrcarto said...

Bravo..Bravo, Nice tits.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice the similarity between Jim Carrey's character "The Grinch" and the First Wookie's Irish windblown hairdoo?