Monday, May 9, 2011


Denny has a post of Ron's up about racism. I had an encounter this weekend. I will share.

I went to the local mom and pop grocery to buy some Lipton to make iced tea. As I get in line there is a lady her husband and her 12-13 year old son (that she had just "got back" according to her). The cashier tallies up her vittles and it came to like $42. She busts out the Lone Star Card swipes it, takes for gotdamned ever to enter her PIN number and then waits for the transaction to clear. Meanwhile her husband has loaded up the groceries in their truck and is sitting in it waiting.

So I am standing there ready to go when she realizes that she forgot something. She tells the guy behind the counter that she needed a carton of ciggaretes. My radar went off immediatly. A carton of smokes her in Texas is about $50. So she has to call her husband back in and ask him for some cash. He opens up his wallet and hands her three twenties. At that point I had to ask.

It went something like this.

ME: Why didn't you just pay for your groceries with the cash and buy two packs of smokes.

HER: Why don't you mind your business.

ME: Well, technically since you are using tax payer money to buy your groceries. It is my business.

HER: This is a Lone Star card not welfare. Only people on welfare get gubment (exactly how she pronounced it) money.

ME: Sorry, nevermind. I was under the impression that food stamps are welfare.

HER: Well you thought wrong!

ME: Ok, have a nice day.

After she collected her smokes and was out the door I could see her telling her husband what had just occured. He shot me a shitty look and they took off.

The cashier/owner looked at me and said "She has NO clue. That is what is wrong with our country, idiots like that can vote."

I agreed and replied "And procreate"

Stupid cracker bitch.


CenTexTim said...

Lone Star Card not = welfare?

Who the hell does she think funds that program? How much did she and her worthless 'husband' contribute to their account? Where do they think the $$$ comes from?

When I was younger and foolisher - much younger and much, much foolisher (BTW 1: it's fun to make up words like foolisher) (BTW 2: I got into the Shiner early today. Can you tell?)

Anyway, as I was saying, back in the day I was all for a government supported social safety net. I still support the concept, but my preferred method of implementation has changed.

For anyone under 70 and healthy enough to work, give 'em enough surplus cheese, peanut butter, and crackers so they don't starve to death. No Lone Star Cards - if they want the food, they go to a warehouse and pick it up.

If someone is over 70 or truly disabled, I'm open to a more lenient program.

And end taxpayer-funded school breakfasts and lunches. If the spawn of those worthless parasites get embarrassed enough, maybe that'll motivate them to study hard and get a good job so they don't have to go on the public dole.

I'm sick and tired of working my ass off so those lazy fucks can freeload off my income.

One more thought - give 'em more welfare payments if they (1) agree to sterilization, and (2) give up their voter registration card. That'll solve the 'voting and procreating' problem in a couple of decades.

You know, the more I think about the above idea, the more I like it.

Sorry for the rambling diatribe. I blame it on the Spoetzl brewery...

kerrcarto said...

CenTex, Speaking of the Spoetzl Brewery, have you tried the Ruby Redbird Summer Brew? If not, you better get you some before I tap out the supply.

CharlieDelta said...

Right on kerrcarto! I'm at the point these days that if I don't say something when I see shit like that, I spend the next 1/2 day cursing myself for not saying anything. Usually it's yelling at some asshole on the road, or commenting to someone doing something stupid at the grocery checkout line. When it comes to the free-loaders, I can't NOT say something. I've fucking had it man! I have no fucking patience for free-loaders, especially the ones that have the balls to fire something back. I suppose it might get my ass kicked one of these days, but that wouldn't be the first time. It's definitely worth it to me to say what's on my mind at the time. And I've kicked my share of asses over the years too!

kerrcarto said...

Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act. —Dietrich Bonhoeffer

CenTexTim said...

kerrcarto -

I haven't tried the Ruby Redbird yet. I know from a previous post that you like it.

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to my beer - citrus and suds do not mix.

Some people say traditionalist = cranky old fart, and they're probably right. However, I'm willing to trust your judgment. If you say it's good, I'll give it a try - just as soon as I kill off the few bottles that are left in the ice chest.

It's 104 down here, and I'm sweltering. I've got to rehydrate - stat...

kerrcarto said...

In that case, The Ruby Redbird will really surprise you. I thought it was weird myself, but it is amazingly refreshing. Just what a hot summers night in the valley calls for. Plus you will be helping the local economy by buying a product made with Texas Ruby Reds.

CenTexTim said...

Works for me. Fortunately there's an HEB within stumbling distance so I don't have to drive.

Classes are over for the semester. I give my last final tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. so I can stay up as late as I want tonight.

Stay tuned for my Ruby Redbird review...

(Try saying that three times real fast.)

CenTexTim said...

I just got back from hiking over to the local HEB. They didn't have any Ruby Redbird. Story of my life...

JeremyR said...

Loss of voter rights should be mandatory for receiving welfare. It should be the first condition. any thign else is nothing but voter fraud because the recipients are bribed by the government as evidenced by all the campaign rhetoric about if joe schmoe is elected he will cut welfare benefits.
As for the crackers, we have a local Panera Bread that donates their left overs to the homeless shelter at the end of every day. Problem is no one is willing to drive the mile and a half to pick it up.
Grocer stores throw away tons of food every day, fresh vegies and meat. Put that stuff on the homeless menu. If some one want to buy meat on welfare, require that it be from the discount stuff that would otherwise be headed to the dumpster.
I'm a penny pincher. I only buy meat that is discounted. Never have a problem.

Goldenrod said...

Restrict their right to vote when they are on gov. dole.

That idea is phenomenal, which is a different way of saying it will never happen.....but, it's still a super idea.

Harper said...

Phenomenal idea that would guarantee dims never get elected - their primary voter demographic wouldn't be able to vote.

ParaPacem said...

ye reckin they mighta been democrats?

ParaPacem said...

ye reckin they mighta been democrats?

Anonymous said...

So, since they are stealing from me and you to buy those food stuff. Could be apply a little sharia law and have their hands cut off so that can not swipe the card, and have the card cut up and burned in front of them, with that wagging of the islam finger?
or just cut up the card and burn it.