Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Jams

Diggin' the new REK album. Once again Mr. Keen hooked up the kids with T-Shirts, CD's and hats. Thanks Mr. Keen! One day I will have to meet you.


Bear said...

He don't get out our way much, but seein' one of his shows is on my bucket list. Definitely one of my favorite artists, especially for cruisin' the hills on the bike on sunny days.

Mr Mayor said...

His "Live" DVD is just what you get
in concert. So much talent. Another
who drank the koolaid.

Paul said...

Fuck. This doesn't make sense because I don't think Keen is a liberal. Maybe he's just performing there for the fuck of it?

kerrcarto said...

Paul, he is a capitalist. He will play for anyone willing to pay. Money talks.