Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tree Nazi

Have you seen this story, yet? First off, Tom Johnson with the Charlotte Land Development Division can go fuck himself. This rat bastard commie obviously has nothing better to do with his faggot bureaucrat ass than terrorize his fellow citizens. Seriously, someone should follow this shit maggot fucktard home and take a chainsaw to this mother fucker's trees. I hope the church fights this. Don't pay the fine and watch the government deal with the PR disaster it has caused. Who the fuck made this guy God and who is he or anyone in government for that matter to tell us how to prune our own fucking trees. This is some sick shit. Senior Urban Forester? What the fuck is that! What a monumental waste of money! Fucking douchebag. Crape myrtles are bushes by the way not trees. Fucking idiot.

If you want to contact Tom Johnson, his number is 704-336-3622. Email is Give him hell. I sure the fuck am. This is government out of control.

This story makes me so mad I'm shaking. Fuck you, Johnson, and check your voice mail, bitch. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?


kerrcarto said...

Fuck these people. If I was the pastor of that church I would tell the city to eat a dick. Come and get your fine (read, tax) see ya in court you fucking fascists.

Goldenrod said...

If I were the church, I’d take all the trees and shrubs and run them through a wood chipper, send the chips to the forester fuck face and tell him to stick the remnants up his ass while singing ‘take this job and shove it’.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this superfluous fuckstain cuts his grass too short, and if a group of tax payers convened a governing body that determined his turf was "pruned excessively", as a result, doling out a fine of a $1 per "not in accordance" blade, what do you figure the odds on this asshole cutting a check to the people?

John said...

You're ahead of the curve--Sean Hannity just started talking about this today on his radio broadcast.